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It's Campus Apartment Turnover Time - A Herculean Task!
When college students come back to campus for the fall, they are focused on reconnecting with friends, stocking up on school supplies and learning their class schedules. But for property management companies, the days leading up to the start of the semester are a hectic whirlwind as they undertake the herculean task of preparing a large number of apartments for a surge of simultaneous move-ins.

In a typical multifamily building, property managers gradually move tenants in and out throughout the year, refurbishing units as they become available. But for our student housing property managers, Ryan Atkinson (left), Tyler Giese (middle) and Justin Brady (right), that year's worth of work is packed into just one or two weeks!

Between August 14 and 15, referred to as "the 24-hour turn," our property managers bring in employees and vendors to replace carpets, patch walls and repair any other damage to make units look new again. That may sound like an impossible workload to manage, but with nearly 100 turns a year, our Tyler, Ryan and Justin have gotten it down to a science!
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