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WMC Is Grateful for Opportunities to Serve Our Community

As a member of The Monona East Side Business Alliance’s Business Leads group, Wisconsin Management Company is continuously seeking opportunities to give back to the community. And Property Manager, Ashley Maier (pictured on the left) did just that on Thursday, July 6 by volunteering at the River Food Pantry.She said she "loved every moment of the experience and will do it again, for sure!"

The River Food Pantry is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven, faith-based community providing hot meals, groceries, clothing, and household items to Dane County families who are struggling to make ends meet. Their primary mission is to bring a message of mercy and hope to those in need by providing nutritional basics and encouragement.

The River feeds over 600 families each week at its northside location. .97¢ of every dollar donated to The River goes directly to food and services for the needy.

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