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Severe Wisconsin Weather Spring is no Exception
A true Wisconsinite knows that April showers bring more than just May flowers. Tornado season peaks from April through August, bringing on average 23 tornadoes annually. There have been 1537 documented tornadoes in Wisconsin since 1844, causing 511 directly related deaths and at least 3056 directly related injuries.

Governor Scott Walker has designated the week of April 17-April 21, 2011 as Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Preparedness is the key to safety and success. As tornado season closes in, test your knowledge to find out if you are ready:

True or False: Locations near a body of water (lakes, rivers) or a hill are safe from tornadoes.
The answer is false. There is no such thing as a safe place in regards to tornadoes.

True of False: Windows should be opened as a tornado approaches to minimize damage and equalize pressure.

This answer is also false. Personal safety should be your top priority. Leave the windows as they are, and seek shelter.
True or False: Do not seek shelter under highway overpasses if caught in the open.

True! The winds of a tornado could actually increase in the tight space of an overpass. Absolutely seek shelter in a sturdy building if possible.
If there is no available shelter, get into a vehicle where you can fasten the seatbelt and place your head below the window, or find an area lower than the roadway or ground, lie flat, and cover your head with your hands.

Wisconsin weather has the potential to be dangerous, and even deadly. For further review of the safety tips, please visit the website for Wisconsin Emergency Management: www.emergencymanagement.wi.gov
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