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Simpler, Faster And Smarter Property Management
New Property Management Software - YARDI Voyager and RentCafé

Property management has become more technically demanding for property managers, prospects and residents. Responding to these challenges, we recently began the implementation of new property management software which will greatly benefit our properties, prospects and residents. Property conversions will be taking place throughout 2017.

Voyager meets all the property management and accounting software needs using a single database. Using any browser or mobile device, Voyager provides up-to-the-minute reporting such as lease workflow, dashboards and performance analytics.

RentCafé meets all of the needs of the prospect and resident.  It allows prospects to search apartments, check prices and view property details with large photo displays, floor plans, amenities, and more. Once they've found the perfect place, they can easily submit rental applications and receive approval notifications after they're processed. As residents, they can make secure rent payments, view balances, get community news, and renew their lease - all in one place, online.

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