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WMC Asset Management Services

Wisconsin Management Company has many ways to secure your investment.
Our asset management services are in place to help you improve your return on investment. From helping you locate traditional and non-traditional financing to developing a long term strategy for your property, we have a variety of services to offer property owners.

Meet our Asset Manager, Jeff Beatty:

Jeff Beatty joined Wisconsin Management Company in June 2005. Through a long career he has extensive experience in loan underwriting and Jeff has at various times been responsible for all aspects of multifamily asset management, including financial analysis, market analysis, inspections, compliance monitoring, workout negotiations, foreclosures, and property valuation.

Asset management services are especially useful to lenders and REO departments. We can assist in valuing properties, monitoring 3rd party management, disposals of properties, and turnaround positioning.

Jeff brings with him a broad experience in dealing with government and conventional financing of the development of affordable and market rate housing.



Our offered asset
management services:

Net operating income plan
Real estate tax analysis
Current property valuation
Document review
Insurance review
Financing options
Develop exit strategy

Net operating income plan:
  • Rent comparable analysis - We will perform a rent comparable survey to determine the appropriate rent levels for your property.
  • Expense analysis - Your property’s expenses will be evaluated and compared to similar properties as well as regional norms. If justified, we’ll develop a plan to reduce expenses without reducing occupancy or maintenance levels.
  • Trend analysis - We will monitor your property’s performance on a monthly basis with a goal of identifying trends as they begin to appear.
  • Graphical reporting - We will provide you with easily understandable monthly reports, including graphs that can help clarify trends.

Real estate tax analysis:
We will analyze your current real estate taxes and, if feasible, we will work with the Assessor to reduce your property taxes. Annual update reviews will be conducted as your property’s situation changes.

Current property valuation:
We will estimate the current value of your property using direct capitalization, discounted cash flow analysis and comparable sales data.

Document review:
We will review your existing legal and mortgage documents to identify any potential minefields or opportunities.

Insurance review:
We will review your insurance policies to make sure you have appropriate coverage.

Financing options:
We will review your current financing and evaluate how it fits in with your exit strategy. If refinancing is needed we’ll evaluate various options, including long-term fixed rate, adjustable rate and adjustable rate with an interest rate swap.

Develop exit strategy:
We will explore various exit options, based upon your current and expected financial and tax goals. Options can include sale, refinance, 1031 exchange.


Contact Jeff Beatty at 608-258-2080 or send an email for more information.