• Single Family Home

What is single family home property management?
A single family home is occupied by one family consisting of 2 or more bedrooms and is most often a one-unit property. Examples include the following:

  • Houses
  • Condominium units
  • Farm homes

We are able to service a 30-mile radius of Madison, Milwaukee or Adams Wisconsin, including Madison's campus and downtown.

Why does it work?
In January 2011 there were a record 6,774 homes for sale in Dane County. Along with that, Southern Wisconsin has become one of the most relocated-to areas in the United States because of growth at the University of Wisconsin and Epic Systems.

Managing single family homes is becoming common. Professional management is the most convenient and profitable way to handle a home or building that an owner is either not able to or wanting to sell.
What we do.
Single family home property management is all-inclusive management.
  • Marketing
  • Showings
  • Applicant Screening
  • Leasing
  • Accounting and Collections
  • Maintenance

Wisconsin Management’s single family home portfolio has increased considerably in the last year alone and we have had tremendous success maintaining an occupancy rate that exceeds industry averages. Owners have the ability to choose which services are best for them.

Explanation of fees & frequently asked questions
In single-family home management fees consist of:
  • A management fee - either a percentage of income or a minimum monthly fee.
  • Time and mileage for all showings.
  • Maintenance is based on time and materials.
  • 24-hour emergency on-call access.
  • A leasing fee for signed new leases.
  • A renewal fee for signed renewed leases.

Q: What does the management fee cover?
The management fee covers a wide variety of services including accounting. Wisconsin Management’s experience shortens your rental time to maximize your income.

Q: Who is responsible for the routine maintenance of the home?
In a single-family home rental residents are responsible for lawn care, snow removal and maintaining the water softener. Wisconsin Management provides all other maintenance as needed for the cost of time and materials.

Q: Do you handle rent-to-own?
Wisconsin Management provides rent-to-own services tailored to the needs of the Owner. Sales are facilitated by our on-staff broker.

Q: How is my cash flow accounted for?
All activity is itemized in monthly statements and distributed to the owners. Cash flow can be dispersed many ways and in many cases Wisconsin Management can pay mortgages or other home bills for Owners.

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