• Fringe Benefits

Wisconsin Management Company has a goal of being the place to work. We’ve focused strategic goals around our employees. Many of the fringe benefits below that our employees enjoy were born from these efforts. We are continuing to focus on ongoing training programs and personal and professional development for our employees.

Summer Hours
The most popular benefit with the employees at Wisconsin Management Company is the option to work summer hours. This benefit allows the employees the ability to work Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. from May through September. This provides an extended weekend for employees and additional time to run errands or spend time with family and friends. These Friday afternoons also build camaraderie as employees enjoy social gatherings such as lunch, golf or going to a movie together.

Wellness Committee
Our Wellness Committee was created to promote an emphasis on employee wellness in a variety of areas. Wisconsin Management Company has sponsored programs such as Weight Watchers at Work, The Biggest Loser Challenge and a Walking Challenge in addition to a self defense lunch and learn to promote physical wellness. Another focus on physical wellness consisted of bringing in a personal trainer for mini boot camps and yoga sessions in 8 week increments. The Wellness Committee has also provided free “lunch and learn” sessions on such topics as the power of positive thinking and stress management coinciding with the offer of a free chair massage to promote mental wellness. Since laughter is the best medicine, the Wellness Committee has also sponsored a comedy night where 3 local comedians performed for a roaring crowd of employees and guests. To highlight financial wellness speakers presented on saving for retirement and budgeting. Employees can also take advantage of the health club reimbursement incentive program.

Social Committee & Events
Our Company’s Social Committee is focused on building camaraderie between employees and offering family friendly social gatherings. They coordinate outings such as the family bowling day and the employee appreciation picnic. The two most popular events are the Brewer game and tailgate and the Casino Night. Some of the smaller events are also the favorites such as the chili and soup cook off and the Halloween costume contest. Not only do these activities promote a little health rivalry they produce copious amounts of joy and laughter and some sharing of recipes!

Employee Award Recognition
Wisconsin Management Company sponsors a quarterly Award Recognition Program aimed at providing formal recognition to employees that go above and beyond while encouraging individuals to recognize the accomplishments and efforts of their colleagues. There are 4 categories employees can qualify for. Quarterly winners in each category receive $100 cash and the remaining nominees and nominators go into a raffle for a $50 cash prize. The annual award winner receives $500 cash and 8 hours of PTO along with a plaque and lunch with the President.

Community Involvement
Our Company’s Social Committee has organized the philanthropic events for our employees to participate in. Our Casino Night social event doubles as our largest fundraiser. Over the years we have donated proceeds to charities such as Joining Forces for Families, American Cancer Society and Relay for Life. Employees also have supported the March of Dimes: Jeans for Babies campaign by donating $5 to wear jeans. Other individual and group coordinated efforts include volunteering for charities such as Hammer with a Heart, Habitat for Humanity, a food drive for the AIDS Network and participating in Crazy Legs.