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WMC manages several commercial properties throughout Southcentral Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Dells with the same high standards as it manages residential properties.
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What makes Wisconsin Management Company different:

  • Asset management
    WMC helps manage cash flow with highly sophisticated tools, including review of tax documents and assessments.
  • Personal contact with clients and your tenants
    WMC visits its commercial properties regularly with constant contact with its clients and tenants. Its financial reporting is easy to understand via individualized owners’ statements.
  • Marketing
    WMC utilizes CIREX, Property Drive, and professional signage. It's also innovative - looking for new ways to reach prospecive tenants. WMC is a leader in offering otherwise unused lot space to seasonal businesses to attract more traffic to the area - farmers' markets and Christmas tree sales.
  • WMC works with prospective tenants on business plans for longer tenant leases.
  • 24-hour maintenance service and experienced resources for tenant imrprovements.
  • WMC manages a range of commercial spaces, from single store fronts to large malls.

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